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How To Book

We highly recommend booking online for all our screenings as we often sell out. 

You can book for this month's films HERE.


Please note the films are listed alphabetically so just scroll down until you see the film you would like to book for. 

Click on the date and time and this will take you through the booking process. 



If you are coming to see a film please be aware that we do not serve drinks or snacks from the bar. Instead we offer waiter service which will be delivered to your table. Head straight to your seats when you arrive and a waiter will be along to take your order as soon as they can. 


Waiters usually only have time to take one order per group and our bar closes when the film starts so please make sure you order everything you need with your first order.


If you arrive after the advertised start time of the film we may not be able to serve you. We can no longer offer waiter service to your seats after this time but if you take a seat in the bar we will send our  waiters to take an order as soon as they have served everyone already seated in the cinema. If however you are more than 15 minutes late or the film is about to start we may not be able to serve you at all as it is not safe for our waiters to deliver trays of drinks in the dark and it is distracting for other film goers.


Please try and arrive at least 20 minutes before the start time. Doors open 45 minutes before the film start time and the earlier you arrive the easier it is for our staff to serve everyone and make sure the film starts in good time.


There are a lot of new procedures our staff have had to learn and follow and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gift Vouchers are available to buy from HERE

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