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Cinema History Project

The Magic Lantern has a long history. First built in 1893 as the Tywyn Assembly Rooms, it showed its first film in 1901. We are researching the history of the cinema, the building and its place in the community and we invite you to get involved. 

Many local families have several generations with memories of visiting the cinema and we would love to hear them.


  • Did you or anyone in your family work at the cinema? 

  • Do you have any old photos of the cinema? 

  • Do you remember the cinema from before the bar was created 10 years ago?

  • Tell us what the cinema looked like when you first visited.

  • What did you eat? 

  • What did you see? 

  • How did people behave? 

  • How busy was it? 

  • How much did it cost?


Please email your memories or photos to


We are planning to produce a book about the history of The Magic Lantern and we would love it to feature the stories of as many local people as possible.

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