André Rieu 2021 Summer Concert : Together Again

Saturday 28th August at 3pm

Come together again with friends, family and loved ones for a heart-warming concert. The King of the Waltz has handpicked his all-time favourite show tunes, operatic arias and dance numbers from stages around the world - featuring many performances never seen before on the big screen.

Tickets: £13.50 / £11 concession.

Members £10.

Our RELAXED Screenings are for anyone who may find the usual cinema experience a bit stressful.

We don't fully turn the lights off so it isn't completely dark.
We leave the hatch to the bar open so people can come out of the auditorium if they need to.We turn the sound down slightly and if available the film will have subtitles.

Our usual code of conduct does not apply so people shouldn't feel like they have to sit still and silently throughout.

Relaxed Screenings