Singin' In The Rain

Cert U      1hr 43m

Tuesday 3rd December at 7pm

and Thursday 5th December at 1pm

As part of the BFI Musical Season we bring you one of the all time classics! Full of classic songs like Singin’ in the Rain, Make ‘Em Laugh and Good Morning. Singin’ in the Rain is pure singing, dancing, laughing movie-watching joy.

When the transition is being made from silent films to `talkies', everyone has trouble adapting. Don and Lina have been cast repeatedly as a romantic couple, but when their latest film is remade into a musical, only Don has the voice for the new singing part. After a lot of practise with a diction coach, Lina still sounds terrible, and Kathy, a bright young aspiring actress, is hired to record over her voice.

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