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Relaxed Screenings


A relaxed screening is a combination of the big screen experience and your living room and they are for anyone who finds coming to one of our usual screenings a bit stressful....or would simply prefer a more chilled out environment.

Imagine all the comforts of watching a movie at home....getting up for food and drink when you want, being able to talk and move around if you need to with the incredible sound, enormous screen and communal experience you get from coming to the cinema.

During a Relaxed Screening our usual code of conduct does not apply (so if you are a stickler for silence please don't attend this screening!) The bar remains open and you are welcome to come and get drinks and snacks. You can get up and move around if you need to. You are not expected to stay silent. The lights will remain on throughout but they will be dimmed so the theatre will not be fully dark. The film will be subtitled when available The sound will be turned down slightly.

Forthcoming Relaxed Screenings

The Super Mario Bros Movie

Monday 1st May at 4pm

Monday 29th at 3.30pm

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

Sunday 7th May at 3.30pm

Sunday 13th May at 3.30pm

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