We are absolutely thrilled, delighted and quite humbled to announce that we have reached our fundraising target.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of local people, business, organisations and charities as well as our summer visitors and of course, Michael Sheen fans, we raised over £18,000 in just 4 weeks! 

Over the last few weeks we have been in discussion with Sony about the new part for the projector and they have not only reduced the amount we need to pay but also agreed for this amount to be paid over a number of years. 

This means we will have some money left over from our fundraising efforts. This money will be ring fenced in a 'Save
the Cinema' fund and will only be used for any problem that threatens the future of the cinema. The faulty part in the projector will need replacing again in the years to come and the success of this fundraising campaign along with our agreement with Sony means that we will not need to panic next time we are faced with a big repair bill. 

We really cannot thank everyone enough. We knew

'The Lantern' had a special place in people's hearts but we
had no idea of the strength of feeling you all have for this wonderful place. 

The whole team has been overwhelmed by the love, support and generosity shown over the last few months and we feel privileged to work in a place so beloved. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

For those of you who enjoyed our Poorly Projector are the outtakes!

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