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We have decided to start a blog to help keep us sane during these crazy times. A way to remind ourselves and others what is so special about The Magic Lantern and why we are all desperate to return.

This first one is by Annie, one of the 3 directors of The Lantern.

My Magnificent Seven ‘Giggles’ at the Magic Lantern 2010 to 2020 by Annie

7.Packed audiences rolling around with laughter at Bridget Jones’ Baby

6. My mum turning up to the New Year’s Eve Kids’ Party with a sewing kit, wearing a home-made nurses outfit, so she could be First Aider for the Teddy-Bear Zip-wire!

5. Scully-Dog scaring everyone witless when she suddenly barked in the most tense moment of ‘Woman in Black’. People literally leapt out of their seats.

4. The rumour that went round in 2010 that the cinema had been bought by two Polish (?) brothers (Mark and Geoff?) who were going to open a lap-dancing club… Well I suppose our first two films were ‘Whip It!’ and the Swedish version of ‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ !

3. The Work Experience Inspector coming to visit. ’Is Leona here?’ ‘Yes’ I said, pointing to a pair of feet sticking out the end of a 6x10ft flatpack cardboard box.

2. The men performing the ‘Full Monty’ after ‘Magic Mike’, - especially Ben Robinson forgetting his hat and having to use his shoe at the end!

1! Making the Fund-raising film with the cinema crew in 2019 – every bit of it was a hoot and I lost track of how many times I cried with laughter. Oh lordy – even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes!

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