The Peanut Butter Falcon

Cert 15      1hr 33m

The Peanut Butter Falcon

and Animation Workshop

Sunday 24th November

Also showing Monday 11th November at 1pm (Relaxed Screening), Saturday 23rd November at 7.45pm and Monday 24th November at 7pm (HOH)


The workshop is open to all (minimum age 12) and cost £4 plus film ticket. However this film is supported by the BFI and is free (with your film ticket) to anyone aged 15 - 30. 

Places are limted to 20 so booking in advance is essential. 

Please email (click here) or phone 01654710260 


On Sunday 24th November we will be showing a very special film followed by an Animation Workshop. 


The Peanut Butter Falcon is a truly beautiful film about Zach, a young man with Downs Syndrome, who escapes from his nursing home to follow his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler. He befriends Tyler, a man on the run with problems of his own who becomes his coach and ally. 


After the screening we will be holding an Animation Workshop with Hywel Griffith, director of The Gas - the Griffilms Animation Studio. 

Workshop Details


4:40pm -               Welcome/Introductions

4:50pm -               An explanation of the technique used and                                   what we are going to do.

5:10pm -               Create the animation.

About 6:30pm -   Close.


The brief will be to:

1.   Recall a memory representing escape, running away or your ambition/goal/dream


3.   Create a key image from this memory and animate it as                     previously explained

4.   Create a background layer image to go with this memory.

5.   Animate your name (this is for the animated credit sequence).

6.   Take one drawing from the person next to you and create an
       in-between set of drawings (this will enable the animations to         segue into each other to create one complete film).

7.   With the equipment I will bring along, photograph the frames           from the work so this can be transferred into the animation             software.


I will then take these photographed frames and sequences away to composite later and produce a film that everyone will be sent a link to for them to imbed onto their FB or Twitter etc. 


The end product will be a complete animation with music (similar to that of the film) and also including a credit sequence in the same style as that of the film.

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