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Exhibition On Screen: Vermeer

Sunday 4th June at 4pm

EOS presents this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a ‘private view’ of the largest Vermeer exhibition ever! From across the world his most famous masterpieces are brought together
at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam – and we can watch on screen!

Dyma gyfle unwaith-mewn-oes gan EOS i gael ‘cipolwg preifat’ ar yr arddangosfa fwyaf erioed o waith Vermeer!  Caiff ei gampweithiau enwocaf o bedwar ban byd eu dwyn ynghyd yn amgueddfa Rijksmuseum yn Amsterdam – a gallwn wylio ar
y sgrin!

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The Times
“If I could, I’d choose to stand in front of the originals. But when the alternative is this illuminating, considered and, crucially, crowd-free, I’m not complaining. Not once do I feel rushed (as is often the case with art documentaries) or have to hit pause or rewind to get a better look. Vermeer’s world is meditative, deliberative, still; this film is too”.
Read the full Times review of the film here.

This Exhibition on Screen film invites audiences to a privileged view of the exhibition, accompanied by the director of the Rijksmuseum and the curators of the show. A truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Just who was this master of paint, living in Delft in the Netherlands between 1632 and 1675?  The answer lies in the paintings and never before has there been a film that shows them in this much detail and with this much context.  The Times called the film “thrilling” and “your ticket to the show of the century”.

Exclusive access to THE world’s biggest exhibition of 2023.
Includes the first time the newly restored Girl Reading a Letter at the Open Window will be displayed.

“This is more than an exhibition. It’s a miracle.”
The Guardian

“We would not have thought it possible that so many museums are willing to lend their masterpieces. With this exhibition we can introduce a new generation to Vermeer’s paintings…”
Taco Dibbits, Director of the Rijksmuseum

“Even Vermeer probably never saw this many of his paintings together”
Pieter Roelofs, head of paintings and sculpture for Rijksmuseum

“There will never be another Vermeer show as great as this one” 
Washington Post

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