With effect from Monday 15th November, the following rules apply.


We have received confirmation of new COVID checks that we must put in place at the cinema. ‘These measures are important so that venues and events can stay open during a very difficult autumn and winter’ (Welsh Government-HSS-Covid Pass) 


From Monday 15th November, ALL customers aged 18 and over, must present either:

  • A digital NHS COVID Pass

  • Evidence of a ‘recovery’ PCR test (taken within the 180 days prior to the screening)

  • A paper-based letter confirming full vaccination – Paper Vaccination Cards are NOT acceptable. 

  • Digital confirmation of a negative lateral flow test (taken within 48 hours prior to the screening)
    Please do not bring your actual test kit to the cinema. You can register your result at the NHS website and they will text or email you your confirmation of a negative result. 
    Get a Digital Confirmation HERE 


Please do not make a booking unless you are able to provide one of the above when arriving at the cinema. 

ML Rheolau Coronavirus i Gwsmeriaid a DDIWEDDARWYD ar gyfer Tach 15 2021

Rydan ni wedi derbyn cadarnhad o reolau newydd gwirio COVID a rhaid i ni weithredu nhw yn y sinema. ‘Mae’r mesurau yma’n bwysig fel bod lleoliadau a digwyddiadau yn gallu aros ar agor yn ystod hydref a gaeaf hynod anodd’ ( Llywodraeth Cymru-HSS-Pass Covid)


O Ddydd Llun 15fed Tachwedd, rhaid i BOB cwsmer 18 oed a throsodd, ddangos unai:

  • Pas Covid digidol GIG

  • Tystiolaeth o brawf PCR gwellhad ( a gymerwyd o fewn 180 diwrnod cyn y ffilm)

  • Llythyr bapur yn cadarnhau brechiad cyflawn

  • Cadarnhad digidol o brawf llif unffordd negyddol (a gymerwyd o fewn 48 awr i’r ffilm)
    Plîs peidiwch â dwad â’ch cit profi i’r sinema. Gellwch gofrestru eich canlyniadau ar wefan GIG ac fe wnawn nhw yrru tecst neu ebost atoch efo cadarnhad o’ch canlyniad negyddol.


Os gwelwch yn dda, peidiwch â mynd ymlaen efo archebu tocyn, os na ellwch ddangos un o’r uchod wrth gyrraedd y sinema. Ceir manylion pellach o sut i gael gafael ar un o’r uchod yn eich ebost archebu. 

The Magic Lantern Covid-19 Policy

The Magic Lantern takes its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its staff and customers very seriously. We have put in place a number of procedures to help us ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience at the cinema.

You must not visit the cinema if you are required to isolate or have any symptoms that indicate you may have Covid-19

Please read and respect our Covid Code.

Please book online.

We have removed every other row of seats but as 2m distancing is still in place this means we lose 16 seats for every 1 that is booked. The online booking system automatically blocks off seats around the ones you book.

Online booking ensures your contact with our box office staff is reduced and contactless but also guarantees your seats. With drastically reduced seats available, most screenings sell out and if you turn up on the door you may not get a seat.
If you are unable to book online you can book over the phone or by calling into the Box Office.

Face masks
Face masks must be worn when entering the building, when moving around the building and when waiters deliver food to your table. You are welcome to remove them when you are seated and have received your bar order. You will be seated 2m from anyone not in your party and the cinema is well ventilated. Please see below for specific information on wearing masks and ordering food and drink.

Food & Drink
We are only permitted to serve food and drink to people who are seated. We have put in place a system where you collect a menu on arrival and then text your order to the bar (the number to text is on the menus). We will then deliver your order to the table and take payment at that point. If you do not have a phone please advise the bar staff as you pass through the bar on the way to your seat - they will send a waiter to take your order.

SEPT_2021_Covid Rules.jpg

As our waiters must get within 2m to deliver your order we will not be able to serve you if you are not wearing a mask. Please bear in mind that although our staff will be wearing masks, this is to protect the people they come into contact with and does not protect the person wearing the mask.

We cannot place our staff in a position where they may be exposed to risk. Customers need therefore to wear masks whilst and orders are delivered and payment taken.
If you are exempt from wearing a mask you will be asked to notify the staff when texting your order and you will then be asked to collect your order and pay at a table in the foyer.
The bar will close for orders at the advertised start time of the film. This is to allow our staff to prepare, deliver and take payment for orders before the film starts. It is not safe for our staff to deliver orders in the dark once the film has started and it is also distracting for other cinema goers. We do not serve during the film but you are welcome to stay for a drink in The Secret Garden afterwards.

The toilets have a lock on the main door and we ask you lock this door when you enter to ensure no one else comes in. Please be patient and wait outside the door if you find the door locked.

Hand sanitisers
Please sanitise your hands when you enter the cinema and before and after entering the toilets.

2m Distancing
Please be aware and respectful of other people using the cinema and keep a 2m distance from anyone not in your group. This includes when side waiting to enter. Please leave a 2m gap in the queue between your group and others.

Cashless Payment

Please pay with a card if possible so we can reduce the need for our staff to handle cash.

Rule of 6 indoors/30 outdoors
Please be aware that you can only meet indoors with 5 other people (under 11’s not included.) However, you may meet with up to 29 people outdoors in our Secret Garden.