Following the latest announcement from the Welsh Government, sadly, after 7 months of closure we will have 7 days of lovely filmgoing before The Lantern goes dark again on Friday 23rd October for 17 days. 


Friday's screening of Rocky Horror will not be going ahead and we will reopen on Monday 9th November for our screening of A Perfectly Normal Family. 

The planned week of Halloween films will be cancelled but we will try and reschedule all the other planned films from Friday 20th November. Our programme from 9th - 22nd October will remain the same. 


If you have bought tickets to any of the shows during our closure period we will email you to arrange a refund or preferably (refunds do incur a cost for us) a credit note. 

Keep safe everyone.

Online booking is highly recommended for all shows, and you can book your tickets by clicking the button below.
Friday 16th October

Tenet (12A)    7pm


Saturday 17th October 

Onward (U)   11am
Love Sarah
(12A) -

Plus Afternoon Tea (Pre Booking Essential)   3.25pm

Michael & Alfie    7pm


Sunday 18th October 

Onward (U)    11am
Michael & Alfie    2.45pm
I am Greta
(TBC) Plus Q&A    7pm


Monday 19th October 

Love Sarah (12A)    7.30pm


Tuesday 20th October 

Love Sarah (12A)   7.30pm


Wednesday 21st October 

Tenet (12A)                7.45pm


Thursday 22nd October

Love Sarah (12A) -

Plus Afternoon Tea (Pre Booking Essential)     1.15pm

Tenet     7.30pm

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You can download our full schedule HERE

Exciting new venture
at The Lantern!


Welcome to Sundowners - our outdoor cocktail bar. Opening hours are 5pm – 10pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday – weather permitting.

We have 11 tables, all 2m apart. 6 tables of 4, 2 tables of 6 and 3 tables of 2/ Johnny'll see when you get here!

We don't take bookings, it's first come first served! There will be waiter service to your table and you can order via text or WhatsApp.

Card payments only please!

We have a great selection of drinks and nibbles available.

Looking forward to welcoming you back to The Lantern, we can't offer you films yet but we can still give you a lovely night out.

Watch this space for further announcements and details and if you sign up to our newsletter you will be the first to hear about any events. 

Movie Info: 01654 710260

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