It is with much sadness that

we announce as of Tuesday 17th March we will be closing The Magic Lantern until

further notice. 


Following the government’s announcement we feel we have a moral obligation to our staff and our community.


By remaining open we would effectively
be encouraging or tempting people to go against official advice to avoid social gatherings. 
Here at The Lantern we feel
we have 3 main responsibilities.

  1. To our staff – we would be nothing without our amazing
    team and our priority is to continue to employ them throughout our closure. With no income this will be a challenge and we will be posting details soon about how you can (if you are in a position to do so) buy memberships and gift vouchers online or over the phone to help maintain
    some kind of income stream.

  2. To our community – while closed we plan to make The Lantern a hub for the community to get whatever help they need. We will use our poster boards to provide notices for businesses who are providing additional assistance throughout this difficult time and details of people and organisations who may be able to offer assistance. 

  3. To continue to ENTERTAIN! The Lanterneers are above all
    a team of talented, funny, slightly crazy individuals who commit to keeping you entertained throughout this insanity. We have to finalise some plans but we will be putting together a daily video which we will share on our social media, website and on You Tube to help keep a smile on your face and the boredom at bay. 

So for now, The Lantern is going dark....but you can trust
The Lanterneers to bring some lightness to the gloom.

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